Wednesday 3 August 2011

Provence Cragging

With summer still failing to get started, a large group of Chamonix climbers bailed down to Provence last week. Clipping bolts in the sun is always fine by me, and if you throw in the pizza, coffee and wine, a good time is pretty much guaranteed. Staying in Buis les Baronnies, we climbed at St Julien, St Leger and Dentelles, and stocked up on sunshine! It is amazing how different the weather can be just a few hours from Cham, and I can’t recommend Provence highly enough as a place to escape the rain and have a change of pace. If it all looks disastrous in the mountains then go and check it out. 

Here’s a few reasons why Provence rules – 

The routes are short!

The rock is perfect

The views aren't bad either

You don't need much kit

You get a tan

....Or sunburn

It's scenic

It smells nice!