Friday 8 November 2013

Grand St Bernard

Matt, Gary and I headed up the Grand St Bernard pass today, in order to check out how conditions are looking to see how much of a snowpack there is right now. We were pretty confident that there wouldn't be much good skiing to be had but figured that a day out was better than no day out. 

As it turned out, we were pretty spot on and the skiing was pretty dire but it was fun all the same just to be out in the hills, especially seeing as the weather has now closed in and is forecast to stay gloomy over the weekend. 

Snow down to 900m on Sunday apparently so stay tuned...

Gary considering part-exing his Audi RS4 beast for an electric Renault. 
Just as an aside, Matt was heartbroken that the Agip garage in Martigny was being refurbished as he couldn't buy one their excellent chocolate muffins, but finding this at the alternative garage provided some consolation.

Me out-clowning Matt - no mean feat. Photo Gary Tulloch.

2 mountain athletes at the end of the day.