Started in late 2009, this blog is dedicated to keeping people informed about conditions in and around the Chamonix Valley in both summer and winter. Primarily though, it's supposed to be a good read and if that is ever the case, it's because of the following people - 

Tom Moores

Devon's finest mountaineer? Tom summitted Lhotse (8511m), without oxygen, aged just 19 and has since sacked off high altitude mountaineering in favour of rock climbing and powder skiing. A wise decision. 

Phil Ebert

German/Austrian by birth, Phil now splits his time between Dundee and Chamonix. There may be a more psyched skier than Phil out there but God help anyone that would have to ski with them. I guess knowing that you were heading back to Dundee would be enough to get anyone psyched though...

Sharon Wray

Sharon teaches at a primary school in Geneva but still managed to log over 70 days on her skis last winter - no mean feat. During the summer she climbs as much as possible and writes a blog about mountains, books and everyday life which can be found here. 

Peter Riley

The old man of the group, Peter's main love is climbing granite, although during the ski season he has been known to admit to quite enjoying sliding around on his planks. If I'm half as keen and fit as Peter when I'm comfortably (!) into my sixth decade, I'll be pretty happy.

Emma Jack

A skier at heart, Emma has basically spent her life having a good time in the mountains. She's made numerous visits to the Himalayas (skiing Manaslu, the World's 8th highest mountain, being the obvious highlight) and in 2013 managed to ski every month of the year.

Jack Geldard

A (former?) rock jock, Jack is now concentrating on alpinism and skiing, although his version of easing off on rock involved him nearly doing an 8c last year, so he's not exactly become a bumbly punter. Yet another person who only came to Cham for a season but still seems to be here 3 years later.

Tom Grant

To quote the Shane McConkey film, "The man, the myth...not a legend yet- he's too young". Tom sprung onto the skiing and climbing scene a few years back and he never looked back. He's been called the best British skier in the Alps, and has climbed more north faces than most people have had hot dinners. The scary part is, he's getting better and even keener. 

Matt Livingstone

The self titled "Alpine Clown", Matt is a guy who enjoys life. Although work takes him away a lot in the summer and autumn (he's "a big deal in oil and gas", ie. a steel erector) it doesn't seem to trouble him much in the winter. Formerly a Yorkshire based boulderer, he is now fully settled in the Alps and claims to only own 8 pairs of skis, which by general consensus is probably only half the true amount.

Tristan Wise

Another oil and gas-er, Tristan moved to Cham 3 years ago and hasn't look back. Now firmly established as a resident of France, he continues to be able to reach holds no-one else can with his long arms, and skin uphill faster than anyone can with his massive legs. Ba***rd!

Will Eaton

A sorely missed member of the Chamonix crew, Will went into the mountains in May 2013 and never came back. Winter won't be the same without him.
There's a tribute to him here.