Friday 19 February 2010

Best laid plans and all that

Distinctly off piste at Le Tour
Tom's usual cautious skiing!

With a forecast of a decent morning and poor afternoon, Tom and I had plans of heading across to the Helbronner over in Italy and having a look at the Aiguille de Toule and the Toula Glacier. Waking up to find it raining wasn't part of the plan though, and so we switched to a lazy morning then a cruise up to Le Tour.

Hoping we might find some good visibility in the trees we opted for skiing the Vallorcine side, and although there were patches of nice snow, most of it was so heavy and wet that turning was all but impossible (for me anyway). Suitably disappointed we got the train back to Cham and noticed that it was suddenly snowing pretty hard, so we went up for a run off the Plan de L'Aiguille. As ever it didn't disappoint - superb, deep powder all the way, albeit with pretty bad vis.

Also, there were a few pretty dodgy bits of loose and slabby snow, and it seemed worst on eastern aspects, and every single gully on the track leading back into town was full of recent avalanche debris, so choose your lines carefully. If you manage that it will be epic tomorrow.