Saturday 22 January 2011

Enough is enough

Enough beating round the bush - we need some snow!!! Whilst some of the north facing stuff is quite nice and chalky, there is a massive lack of snow right now and despite my best efforts I've been struggling to find anything good to slide around on.
On thursday Owen and I had a couple of runs off the top of Grand Montets and it wasn't great(although the views were), and then today Vicks and I skied at Le Tour and it felt like skiing down an ice climb, albeit with amazing views again.
If you're looking for snow now it will have to be north facing and high to stand a chance. That said we may be skiing something up the Argentiere Glacier tomorrow if its too cold to climb...
I wonder if a snow dance would work?
Soemtimes it's nice to do something for charity, such as taking a boarder out. Owen with the north face of Les Droites behind.
A potentially good view if this hardcore Swedish skier wasn't in the way!