Tuesday 7 February 2012

Plan de L'Aiguille

Over the last 10 days I've been to Morocco, caught man flu and had my car die on me, all of which has added up to me not skiing for almost 2 weeks - an unacceptable state of affairs by any measure. I finally managed to get out today and did 3 laps off the Plan de L'Aiguille, finding some fantastic snow in places and some pretty full on bushwhacking/tree skiing. 

We skinned up to the top of the ridge which comes down from the Blaitiere for our first lap, but after that we just skied the lift as my man flu began to tell, and there was plenty of good snow to be had without skinning anyway.

Having caught the last Midi bin up we finished the day by skiing the final tree run to a well earned beer, with the orange glow of the sunset covering the Valley. It's good to be back.

Looking over to Le Tour and Switzerland

Tristan below the Blaitiere

Cham baby!

Matt owning it.

Plan de L'Aiguille at 4pm, amazing sunset about to begin.