Monday, 23 April 2012

3 Valleys ski touring

After yet more snowfall across the French Alps, Will, Matt and I decided that we’d had enough of skiing the Grand Montets  (amazing though it’s been), and went for a weekend in Will’s garden (the 3 Valleys).

The 3 Valleys has still got a huge amount of snow, so we made the most of it and skied the Breche Portetta followed by the Couloir des Chamois on Saturday. To just say that we skied powder would be doing it a disservice. We skied epic, unbelievable, thigh deep powder in everything from tight couloirs through to big open faces, all the time surrounded by some of the most impressive scenery I've ever passed through on skis. It  wasn't rubbish!

Matt and Will headed up the cat track in January conditions. Hard to believe that May is 10 days away.

Will on his way up to the Breche Portetta.

And again. (He loves breaking trail so Matt and I left him to it.) Check out those limestone towers!

Me and Will in the couloir below the Breche - note the depth of snow.

A quick detour led to....

this! 4 metres wide, 1 metre of powder - incredible.

Will a bit later on, in the Couloir des Chamois.

One more face shot

On Sunday we had a bit of a random day in the Les Avals Valley. We worked our way through 3 objectives and bailed on all of them in turn due to avalanche risk, but eventually skied a couple of nice cols and got some epic powder, so a good day despite our indecision. 

Les Avals views.

On this short pitch of 10 degree snow we had a "mincing" competition. I reckon even lycra-wearing rando racers would struggle to beat our efforts.

Back in Cham now, with good weather supposedly arriving on Thursday. Let's see, but we could be in for an amazing May at this rate.