Wednesday 13 June 2012

Crevasse rescue & Le Fayet dry tooling

After a long spell of wet weather, it looks as if things are picking up tomorrow (Thursday). However, bad weather doesn’t necessarily stop play in Cham, and I’ve been keeping myself busy waiting for the sun to come out.

Monday saw Owen and I dry tooling down at Le Fayet, which always provides a good work out. With an axe in each hand I'm not too keen on taking leader falls so once I've led a route I just lap it on top rope until I'm knackered - others may be braver! I’m not sure I’d ever pursue dry tooling as a hobby but if you want to climb and get a bit of fitness, then it’s a good use of a rainy day.

Messing around on rock with ice axes is a serious business. Photo Owen O'Keefe

Smashing in the corner route at Le Fayet. Photo Owen O'Keefe

Tuesday I teamed up with Owen and Joel and we went up the Montenvers for some crevasse rescue practise on the Mer de Glace. It was pretty damp but I try and do a day of hauling practise every year - bitter experience has taught me that having a vague idea about all that stuff is NOT the same as being able to do it when it matters! Again, not as much fun as climbing in the sun, but a good idea for a dodgy day.

Owen keeping dry

Hauling requires A LOT of kit! 

Sun, sun, sun from tomorrow!