Monday 14 January 2013


After 3 days of non stop powder I am now having an office day and nursing a battered shin (would have been a lot worse if my binding hadn't released...) and sore thighs. We were in dire need of some snow, and it duly arrived late last week, so I felt duty bound to go and ski as many metres as possible in 3 days!

Friday was 3 epic laps on the Plan de L'Aiguille, and then Saturday and Sunday were passed at Brevent Flegere. The top bin at Brevent was fantastic, as was the Cornu chair, but the highlight was doing the reliable Col de la Gliere tour and having an entire Valley of knee deep snow without a single track in it.

As is so often the case when skiing the lifts, photos do a much better job of telling the story, so here goes -