Tuesday 14 May 2013

Summer cometh...nearly

The last few days here in Cham have been pretty frustrating, with the weather forecast being wrong yesterday (80% sunshine...?) and the Compagnie du Mont Blanc managing to break the Aiguille du Midi today, meaning that I wasn't able to get a final Vallee Blanche in for the year. All is not lost though as there is still good cover up high, and I reckon that between the Cosmiques and Ronde on the Midi and a planned ski touring trip to ski some 4000ers soon, I should get a few more days skiing in.

I've already had a good start to the rock climbing season (report here) so all is well, but for now I'm in the Valley and getting jobs done until the weather picks up. To maintain the psyche I thought I'd share this awesome video. I think just about everyone has seen it already, but after Will's death it seems even more appropriate.

Hopefully I'll be able to report back soon on some epic days out once the lift company and the weather men get themselves sorted!