Tuesday, 25 June 2013

Crochues Traverse

After some shaky weather over the last week, today (Tuesday) and tomorrow were forecast to be good and I was keen to get out. Tristan and Owen were psyched too, so we decided to go for a blast up the Flegere, starting with the Crochues traverse, and then continuing to the summit of the Aiguille du Belvedere. 

Before talking about the route, I have to include this - the most confusing toilet sign ever, which is at Flegere. I think  that the one on the right is the woman, but I'm really not sure. 

Unfortunately things didn't turn out quite as planned, as the cloud never burned off (although the Midi was above the clouds most of the day apparently) and we were engulfed in mist all day. Having done the Crochues we got to the Breche below the Belvedere, and our desire to carry on scrambling along a wet ridge whilst getting gradually soaked really diminished, and we headed home. 

Tristan on the ridge

It would have been good to go to the Belvedere, but the Crochues was great fun, and it was nice just to be out. There is a frankly ridiculous amount of show still up in the hills, and I can't help wondering if we should have been ski touring! Maybe tomorrow....

Skiing! Sort of

Tristan looking up longingly at the Belvedere

Current conditions at Lac Blanc. Hard to believe that July is a week away!