Friday 25 October 2013

Ueli Steck Interview on EpicTV

The autumn has truly arrived here in Cham and the Valley is looking stunning right now. I haven't managed to get into the mountains much but I've been trying to charge ("run" would be exaggerating) up to either the Plan de l'Aiguille or Planpraz 3 or 4 times a week in an attempt to build some fitness. I could wax lyrical about how amazing the trees and the newly snowy mountains look but I couldn't do it justice. All in all, this is a great time of year so if you get the chance to see the Valley when it's this colourful (and quiet!) make sure you get out here. 

Anyway, the reason I've not been getting out much is that I've been presenting the EpicTV Climbing Daily show and will be doing so for the foreseeable. The big news this week is that we've just been to Ueli Steck's house, where we checked out his gear store (more interesting than it sounds) and got some fascinating answers from him when we did an interview. 

You can see my report on Ueli's ascent here and check or the show's brand new Facebook page (here) to see the interview footage, which we'll be showing throughout next week.

Conditions are apparently picking up in the mountains now so I'm pretty psyched to get up and check it out for myself next week. Report to follow so stay tuned. 

The Prarion lake in all it's autumn glory.