Thursday 10 April 2014


The snow forecast to arrive at high altitude earlier this week never really materialised, despite heavy rain down in the Valley, so after considering various adventurous options, Matt, Phil, Nora, Robin and I opted just to go to Verbier and ski the amazing lift system over there.

The terrain in Verbier is absolutely incredible and although the snow wasn't up to much, we had a brilliant day skiing everything from steep couloirs to mushy blue runs in everything from powder to crust and deep slush. I only seem to go to Verbier early and late in the season but having found yet more terrain over there, I think a powder weekend next January could be in order - it really is a great place to ski in just about any conditions.

Amazing scenery looking towards the Matterhorn from the top of Mont Fort.

Nora loving the low angled powder!

Nora styling it.

Matt jibbing on the way back to the Siviez lift.

Weird snow crevasses above the Dam.

Industrial skiing!

Phil was sure he knew where he was going.

Matt too.

An athlete's lunch.

The team under Mont Gele.

Phil and Robin with the Bec de Rosses behind.

Style personified from Phil on the airbag.