Friday 12 December 2014


It's been a busy old couple of weeks for me (unfortunately not due to me doing lots of amazing skiing) hence the lack of blogging. However, I've taken some interesting photos recently and also received an email with the best photos that Ben Tibbetts got when me and him were out last week with Tom Grant so I figured I'd stick them up here.

So, for no particular reason, here are some cool photos -

The man, the myth, the legend, Adam Ondra watching some amazing climbers not being as good at climbing as he is, at the La Sportiva Legends Only Competition in Stockholm. I had a go at doing one of the competition problems with some expert tuition (this is a horrendous name drop) from Alex Megos, of onsighting 9a fame, and couldn't do the first move, despite his assurance that it was "easy". I guess all things are relative.

Me and Tom Grant bootpacking towards the Breche du Carabinier. 

Photo by Ben Tibbetts ( &

Tom showing me how it's done. Photo Ben Tibbetts.

Me and Tom skiing. We set off at the same time from the couloir above on the right and as you can see, Tom has already reached the bergschrund while I am on turn number 4! 
Photo Ben Tibbetts.

Me and Tom skinning. Photo Ben Tibbetts. 

A couple of days after skiing the Carabinier, Sharon and I went over to Morocco for a quick 5 day adventure and had an amazing time. They've got a lot more snow over there than we have in the Alps right now!

It's amazing the places that Google Maps sends you! We sacked off the smartphone and went back to good old map reading shortly after taking this.

It's worth getting a bit lost to see this sunset over the Atlantic.

I'm off for a couple of ski tours this weekend but can't say I'm that optimistic about conditions. It's always nice to be out in the hills so I'm sure a good time will be had despite the lack of snow.
I'll report back here on Monday with what I find.