Friday 2 January 2015


With Dr. Phil over in Cham for a few days, a ski today was a must. There isn't much snow though so we were only really looking for some fun pistes to zoom around. Initially we thought of Courmayeur but for no reason in particular we fancied something a bit different and so carried on down the Aosta Valley to Pila.

The morning was a bit of a non-starter, with the small, slow lifts being clogged by enourmous queues which were so bad that after less than 2 hours, we nearly headed home. However, we stuck with it and the crowds seemed to dissipate throughout the day. We also found some decent snow and amazing terrain off piste too, making it a pretty decent day all round. 

Phil didn't have a beanie and asked to borrow one. I just knew that he'd love my choice for him. 

Nice views from the top, with the Roman town of Aosta clearly visible in the Valley below.

Phil stomping a massive cliff.

"Imagine how good this would be on a powder day!!!"

Me loving the off piste.

Probably the only ABS bag that the magic carpet has ever transported.

It was fun though!

Phil on a final section of good stuff.

Tomorrow looks a bit of a ropey day but Sunday could be epic if the forecasted dump of snow arrives. Stay tuned!