Monday 3 August 2015

Conditions on the Verte, Jorasses, Courtes and others

I've been away for the past month or so (hence the silence on this blog) but now that I'm back I wanted to go up to the Couvercle hut and get some photos. A recent snowfall has made the mountains much whiter than they were in July but there is still a huge amount to go at if you choose your routes carefully.

Here are some of the shots I got, albeit in low resolution because the internet just about collapsed when I tried to stick the high res versions on.

Aiguille Verte, with the Moine Ridge looking a bit too snowy right now, and the Whymper couloir not looking snowy enough.

The Grand Jorasses north face. Hard to believe this was being climbing in rockboots 10 days ago!

The Grepon east face looking excellent.

La Nonne, above the Couvercle hut.

Les Courtes looking very dry.

Les Droites looking a bit better but still not in great condition.

Pointe Isabelle.

This summer has seen me climbing lots of classics and going around taking photos; you'd almost think I had a project on the go or something....

Stay tuned!