Sunday 7 August 2011

Midi Plan Traverse

Looking to the Aiguille du Plan from the top of the Midi

 With one good day of weather forecast, but most of the rock routes around here covered in snow, Tom and I decided to head up to the Midi and choose between the Midi Plan traverse and a route on the Tacul Triangle. The Tacul looked a long way away, and with nice firm snow on the Midi Arete we decided to head over to the Aiguille du Plan.

The Midi Plan traverse is one of the real low grade classics of Chamonix, and the Alps in general, so we were both pleased to get it ticked. The terrain is generally quite easy but varied, taking in exposed steep snow and some rock scrambling, and is pretty tough for the guidebook grade of PD. I think general consensus is that the route is actually a grade or so harder, and it feels quite serious despite the easy access and straightforward climbing.

Tom on the snow Arete leading to the Col du Plan

 Abbing. There were anchors everywhere at the 60 metre rock step that you need to abseil, so just pick a line with no-one else on it.

 Tom nearing the Aiguille du Plan summit rocks

Looking back to the Midi from the summit.

Throughout the route, the situations and views are unbelievable, and we both felt that it was one of the best routes we had done for ages.

Here's a quick video from the summit to keep the spririts up through the next few days of bad weather -