Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Cosmiques Couloir

Looks like it might still be winter after all! Whilst I’ve been busy dodging rain in the Valley for a week or so, it has been snowing in the mountains so I headed up the Midi on Monday with Jack and Tom for a look at the classic Cosmiques couloir. As it turned out, conditions couldn’t really have been any better, and we skied the whole run all the way down to the Bossons Glacier in light, boot-deep powder. Wow. One of the best runs of winter and it’s the second week in May!

Jack abbing in

Tom on the lower section

Skiing out along the Bossons Glacier.

From the bottom of the couloir it was simply a case of shuffling and traversing back to the Plan de L’Aiguille for a well earned can of coke.

Some very snowy looking Aiguilles

Jack under the Midi N face

Tom negotiating one of the trickier sections on the way back to the mid station.

Amazing views, beer, chocolate biscuits and a dog to play football with - a perfect end to the day.

Even though the snow we had was amazing, temperatures at this time of year are pretty high, meaning that things can get dangerous in the afternoon heat, and conditions can vary hugely from one day to the next as the snow gets transformed so rapidly in the heat of the sun. As a result I can’t vouch for conditions in the Cosmiques now, but it just goes to show that if you get up and down early and pick your lines carefully then the ski season still has a long time to run.

Cheers Jack & Tom for an immense day, here’s to plenty more before winter (finally!) ends.

You've got to love Cham.