Saturday, 5 May 2012

More funny weather

The last week in Cham has seen continued unsettled weather, but that has meant that I’ve had a really diverse few days. Believe it or not, Tom, Peter and I managed to ski some amazing powder on May 1st at Grand Montets. It only lasted until 1pm, but still, powder straight off the lifts in May!

1st of May powder!

Since then my skis have been away and whilst other people have skied some good lines, I’ve been sticking to rock climbing. Matt and I had a day at the Vallon du Passet “grand” crag above Barberine, climbing “Mille et Une Pattes” (6a, 350m). The route was frankly pretty rubbish, with some good climbing but plenty of loose bits and a grim abseil descent which takes you down a loose, wet gully. Overall, not a glowing recommendation! I’ve done “Tout ca pour ca” on the same crag though, and that was much better.

Matt on the Vallon du Passet Grand.

We then had a day cragging in Martigny which was great, and I’ve also snuck in a couple of days at Gaillands and a trip to the Col des Montets boulders, which always provide incredible views and a decent workout. There is still a metre of snow up there too so it was like having a built in bouldering mat around all the routes!

Nice views in Martigny.

Sharon bouldering at the Col des Montets

Me on "Barracuda" at Gaillands. Photo Tom Moores.

It looks like Monday could be a good day so I need to make a plan...