Monday 6 January 2014

Courmayeur Powder

Well, I finally got my first big powder day yesterday :) 

Courmayeur under fresh snow. Is there anything finer in life?

Phil toking a big doobie on the lift.

First run off the Youla. I was amazed they got it open given the avalanche risk but it had been heavily blasted and people were skiing all over the place up there. We stuck to the safe lines though and had some amazing skiing.

A nice feeling after a lean winter so far.

Heading out from the top of the Arp.

Yet more powder!

Unfortunately the weather is once again very mild here and there are reports that most areas are either wind affected and/or have high avalanche danger. It sounds like all hell has been breaking loose over in Switzerland, with yet another fatal avalanche yesterday. Overall things are pretty sketchy across the Alps so while there is good skiing to be had, you need to exercise extreme caution right now. 

It seems that Italy has had the best of the snow but with the winds swirling around as they have been the best stuff may be pretty dangerous right now. I would say that if you're looking for good snow then tree skiing in Italy is the best bet right now, but there are still slides going off in the trees so stay alert. 

Overall, it's scary times right now so enjoy the mellow stuff and save the bigger, steeper lines for when the snowpack has solidified a bit.

This photo has been doing the rounds on Facebook today. If this doesn't make you think twice about where you ski, nothing will. Stay safe out there.