Wednesday 15 January 2014

The beginning of winter....?

We haven't really had a winter yet but it snowed Monday/Tuesday and there is more forecast to come so we could be in for a bit of fresh stuff. Temperatures are forecast to stay higher than the seasonal average but anything other than baking sun would be good right now and it looks like we're finally in for something approaching winter weather.

The avalanche risk remains high and many N facing slopes are going to be no-go areas for the rest of winter. That hasn't stopped people skiing some of them but it says a lot when many of the best known slopes in Cham, such as the Para face (under the Midi N face) remain untouched by ski or board this season. Patience and reasoning aren't 2 qualities you often see in this Valley but everyone is pretty intimidated right now and rightly so.

Despite the risk in many areas, there is good, safe lift served skiing to be found elsewhere in the Valley so I've been out enjoying it.

While I've been out I've got really into these. They're a healthy option for a snack and taste better than the unhealthy option! You've got to love the name "Chamball" too. Check them out at

Eeny, meeny, miney...

Mo. It is a powder day after all. 

Enjoying some low angled freshies at the Grand Montets.

And again. Thanks Tom Moores for the pictures.

And one more time. Photo Peter Riley.

Peter dwarfed by it all.

Matt getting a bit of it for himself.

It looks like we've had our good weather for this week and now things look unstable and unpredictable. That isn't necessarily a bad thing as changeable and weird weather gave us the snowiest winter for half a century last year! I'll be updating on here as things evolve so stay tuned.