Thursday 6 February 2014

Brevent & Plan de L'AIguille powder

We got a big dump of snow on Wednesday night and it seemed rude not to go and ski all the fresh stuff on Thursday. As ever on the first good day of weather after a storm, there was much umming and ahhing about where to go but we eventually settled on Brevent. A couple of laps on the Cornu were followed by a run off the top bin back to the mid station and then finally a descent of the ENSA Couloir. Needless to say, all delivered excellent snow and perfect views.

John deep in it.

Trey too.

One more gratuitous powder shot.

Abseiling into the ENSA.

Having got down from the ENSA and retired for a coffee in the bakery, I thought I might be done for the day but then Hugh arrived wide eyed and full of how good the Plan de L'Aiguille had just been. It seemed rude not to join him for a lap to see it for myself! It turned out to be one of the best runs I've ever had from the Plan, and that's saying something. Cheers Hugh!

Traversing over to the really good stuff.


A happy man.

Hugh going big. 

Looks like there is a truck load of snow on the way now so after a slow start it seems that winter 2014 is finally getting going. I'll be out over the weekend so I'll be reporting on how things are developing.