Monday 17 February 2014

La Grave

I'm currently down in Grenoble, doing bit of work and play. It should really be work to be honest but then it rained (snowed in the mountains) hard all day Sunday and perfect blue sky was forecast for Monday so work was binned in favour of a day at La Grave. Work is all well and good but come on, it's La Grave!!!!

Needless to say we had an incredible day, skiing the classic Vallon and Chancel routes as well as taking in the Banana Couloir and 2 laps on the Glacier de la Girose. By the end of the day it was decided that a week in La Grave should be a part of every winter season so expect more action from there to be appearing on this blog over the next few years.

The best powder day ever? What a place.

Getting excited....

Horrendous queues as ever in La Grave!

Sharon skiing the classic Vallons line.

Me on some mellow powder higher up.

Glacier de la Girose.

Still plenty of untouched, lift served snow at 4pm.

Sharon on the Glacier de la Girose.

A final look at the Meije on the last run of the day.

The legendary (and frankly rubbish!!!) La Grave lift.

All this was gone in about 30 seconds.