Thursday 26 February 2015

2 Vallée Blanches - Classique & Petit Envers

We had another (much needed) top up of snow earlier this week so I was keen to get out and ski some of it. As has been the case all winter, the avalanche risk remains both high and unpredictable so I wasn't keen to push the boat out. 

The Vallée Blanche looked a good option for views and decent skiing so we opted for that. It turned out to be a good shout and we had 2 really nice runs; firstly down the Classique and then Petit Envers in the afternoon.

Skiing in this scenery never gets old.

Heading down the Midi arete for the second lap.

Some nice powder on the Petit Envers.

Sunset over the Drus.

The best view in Chamonix - sunset from the James Bond track after a great day.

I'm working today but it looks stunning outside, I bet there's some good skiing getting done out there! One word of caution however - nobody really knows where the danger is this winter so careful route choice is still required. I shouldn't really be surprised any more but it never ceases to amaze me the risks people will take to get some fresh snow - when I was going up the Midi I could see some tracks in places that wild horses couldn't drag me to right now! 

I certainly don't feel experienced or knowledgeable enough to tell anyone what to do or where to go, I just think that when nobody really has a clue what is safe and what isn't, you need to pick your lines with a bit more caution than normal. There's plenty of good, safe skiing out there and plenty of winters left for all of us so my advice is to go and mince something mellow and leave the steep stuff for later in the season (when the spring warmth may hopefully stabilise things) or for next year.