Tuesday 3 March 2015

Kühtai, Austria

Friday saw heavy snow in Chamonix but I had a long standing trip to Austria booked, leaving me slightly concerned that I was going to drive for 6 hours and leave behind an awesome powder day! Fortunately, there had been plenty of snow over in the East too and we had a superb day at Kühtai, skiing with the guys from Ski Bartlett and Black Crows.

It might not be super steep but easily available powder, non-existent queues and good beer really do make a nice change from Chamonix sometimes!

This is lift served terrain at 3.30pm on a sunny weekend powder day and there's barely a track in sight. Like.

It looks like we could be in for quite a bit of snow over the next 48 hours so there should be more powder days coming up. After a poor start, winter seems to be making an excellent recovery; long may it last.