Friday 15 January 2010

Grand and Col des Montets

Me heading up the vertical section of La Colonne (I,4)
Peter running away from MiniCouloir!

Bit of an all over the place day with Peter today, but despite not really finding anything great to do, conditions were perfect for banter, so a good day was had. We started off up Grand Montets, optimistically hoping to find a route in condition off the top station. However, the whole of the Grand Montets ridge was basically rock, covered in a dusting of powder so the Frendo Ravanel, Claire Chazal etc. are all out.
Undeterred we skiied down in some superb powder (but amongst some very big and open crevasses) and headed to Trient for some ice. Having got to the Col Des Montets we noticed there was plenty of ice so went for a look at MiniCouloir (rotten snow on the approach made it unjutifiably dangerous) and then settled for La Colonne (I,4, 50m).
Great little route but after a full day, a short vertical step of ice wasn't much to show for it! Still, learnt that nothing is in on the GM ridge, the skiing is great but open up top, and Col Des Montets is good a for a relaxing day on the ice.