Tuesday 19 January 2010

Vallee Blanche Conditions

With a couple of hours free in the middle of a work day, Peter and I headed up the midi for a look at conditions. As far as climbing goes thigs looked quite grim - the gabarrou albinoni looked very thin indeed, as did the Modica Noury. The Lafaille gully isn't formed yet, and there is basically not a huge amount in. That said, Supercouloir is rumoured to currently be excellent, and I met someone who did "Pinnochio" on the Tacul a few days ago, but other than that it is still not quite there yet.

As for the Vallee Blanche - epic powder everywhere and no-one skiing it. The run is still quite open so you need your wits about you, but there was incredible snow from the midi right down to the flat section at the bottom of the Geant icefall, so a great few hours for the adventurous skiiers out there.