Sunday 10 January 2010

Cham skiing - Pas de Chevre

A tired powder hound!
Start of the Pas de Chevre. Say no more.

Me and Josie's shadow.

Great days skiing with Josie today. We started out at Flegere but the snow was pretty rubbish so we headed over to Grand Montets. A blast off the Herse was disapppointing due to heavy, chopped up snow, so we retired for lunch and considered our options.

In the end we headed up the recently opened top lift and then decided on the spur of the moment to do the classic Pas de Chevre descent to the Mer de Glace. The top provided great powder for turn after turn, and the combat skiing at the bottom was quite fun with it being the start of the season. We even managed to ski down the James Bond track all the way to town and found it with plenty of snow. The whole route could do with a bit more snow coverage though as I collected enough rocks to build a use someone else's skis.