Friday 20 January 2012

Even MORE snow!

Just as the good skiing was becoming slightly tougher to find, mother nature has come and dumped another shedload of snow onto Cham. Merci! Matt, Tristan, Peter and I had a day in Italy on Wednesday in the hunt for good snow but we couldn't find much, and things were beginning to look a bit "winter 2011", so with perfect timing the snow has returned!

Skiing the Helbronner on Wednesday

A huge amount has already fallen, and Matt, Tristan and I did a couple of laps off the Grand Montets Mid Station today in snow that varied from ankle deep right through to I-can-barely-move deep. The best part is that  another 40cm (ish) is coming overnight. 

The only downside is that, as with the last big snowfall, the snow is accompanied by extremely high winds at altitude, this time N - NW. The avalanche risk was recently upgraded to Level 4, and there will be plenty of slides unfortunately. That said, if you play it safe, sticking to relatively safer aspects and altitudes, trees and other friendly types of terrain, then you're in for an awesome weekend. 

For what we are about to receive....