Monday 23 January 2012

Skiing the Lifts

With all this snow in Cham it would be rude not go out skiing everyday, so I've been all over the Valley in search of good snow. Saturday was Les Houches which was busy but with perfect snow everywhere. It was also the first time I've ever been somewhere with too much snow, a phenomenon I didn't believe was possible. It would actually have been fine had we found some steeper ground, but what we skied was so deep that we kept grinding to a halt!

The view from the front door on Saturday

Stuck! This is with skis on!

Hardcore skiers and rugged mountaineers require tough, lumberjack type food. Matt on the other hand eats "Tiddly Reindeers".

Sunday saw us at a a soggy Brevent-Flegere, and Monday we were at Grand Montets. It has basically been so warm that despite a vast amount of snow falling, most of it has already gone rotten. We had an attempt at skiing the Poubelles Couloir off the Bochard, but after a few nice turns it turned to terrible crust, and we decided to boot pack out rather than ski the fall-and-die section in such poor conditions. 

Tristan abbing into the Poubelles with a crowd watching.

Cloud inversion from Grand Montets

So there must be some good snow somewhere, the challenge is now to find it! Touring tomorrow...